"Mehr Kowsar Jahrom" history

Mehr Kowsar Jahrom CO. Was founded in 1991 ,buying a land measuring for 80000m2 in area with industrial user with the purpose of constructing a food complex in the 23 – kilometer distance from Jahrom – Fasa road , located in district of Kordian. The first unit with the goal of producing iodized refined salt in 1995 with a capacity of 6000 tons per year in one work – shift and enjoying two mines with high purity of good quality mines of Iran under a brand Afshan Jahrom and with purification based on standard of Iran and succeeded in receiving manufacture license from the ministry of health, treatment and medical training. this company exports iodized refined salt to the Persian Gulf countries and is still carrying on its activity after years of experience and cooperating with experienced managers and accompanied by Iso 9001: 2008 ,Iso 14001 : 2004 and QHSAS 18001 :2007 and has two brands , namely Tak Daneh Jahrom and Shamila ,and this complex currently provides Tak Daneh Jahrom Iodized Refined Salt( with re-crystallizion method) in different weights such as 3(gr) and 25(gr) sachets ,500(gr) , 600(gr) , 800(gr) , 1000(gr) , 2.5(kg) , 5(kg) , 10(kg) , 25(kg) , 40(kg) and 50(kg) packings ,individual 200(gr) and 500(gr) tubes and 800(gr) box of cardboard . and another brand is Shamila Iodized Refined Salt which is distributed in 500(gr) , 600(gr) , 800(gr) , 1000(gr) , 2.5(kg) , 5(kg) , 10(kg) , 25(kg) , 40(kg) and 50(kg) weights . This company expresses its preparedness for offering service to different parts of our dear country, Islamic Republic of Iran the areas outside Iran, as well. Hopefully, other units of this complex will be launched, effectively contributing to the growth and development of Jahrom City by recruiting more than 300 people. God willing;

Mohammad Hossein Mehr-Afshan,
CEO and chairman of Board